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What is your resolution?

Resolution Investments is a responsible investment firm that invests with values. Our values lead us to focus on sustainable investments. We aim to create superior risk-adjusted returns in alternative investments.

We need to address the environment, social and governance issues in investments to meet important common sustainability goals. Today many investors are rightfully concerned about investments meeting the needs of the future.

Investors need to consider many factors in a comprehensive portfolio management system. These factors include traditional or alternative asset selection, tax implications, currency exposures, inflation, and sustainability goals. We integrate all these factors and risk into our investment management.


We believe that

we all matter and we can forge a better, greener future together.  Resolution Investments is an investment firm that helps investors to access sustainable, fair and equitable investments for a better future.


We need to

address the environment, social issues and improve corporate governance to meet important collective goals.  Otherwise we and our children will inherit an uncertain, polluted and dangerous future.


Our mission is

investors into green sustainable investments through accessible ESG-positive investments.  We want to make this easy to invest into both public and private markets for both small and large institutional investors.

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Investment Advisory for Institutions and Accredited Individuals

Impact Investing

Alternative investments

Investment Policy Development & Change

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